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Yggdrasil Lapis Lazuli Charm Bracelet, Shieldmaiden, Womens Viking Bracelet

Yggdrasil Lapis Lazuli Charm Bracelet, Shieldmaiden, Womens Viking Bracelet

A stunning charm bracelet bringing its wearer the strength of mighty Yggdrasil and the spiritual properties of Lapis Lazuli.

Yggdrasill, Old Norse Mimameidr, in Norse mythology, the world tree is a giant ash supporting the universe. One of its roots extended into Niflheim, the underworld; another into Jötunheim, land of the giants; and the third into Asgard, home of the gods. At its base were three wells: Urdarbrunnr (Well of Fate), from which the tree was watered by the Norns (the Fates); Hvergelmir (Roaring Kettle), in which dwelt Nidhogg, the monster that gnawed at the tree’s roots; and Mímisbrunnr (Mimir’s Well), source of wisdom, for the waters of which Odin sacrificed an eye. After Ragnarök (Doomsday), the world tree, though badly shaken, was to be the source of new life. A true symbol of strength.

Lapis is considered to provide protection from psychic attacks,  bringing deep peace and harmony it reveals inner truth, honesty, compassion, self - awareness, and self - expression. Because of its many properties, Lapis lazuli is celebrated as being The Wisdom Stone.

This bracelet is handmade using natural Lapis Lazuli beads, with a gold plated Yggdrasil charm and gold plated beads strung on nylon coated stainless steel flexi wire for extra strength. The bracelet is made to fit a 16cm wrist but with the option of adding a 2 or 4cm detachable extender chain making it suitable for up to 20cm wrist sizes.

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