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Caring For Your Jewellery

Care, Materials and Age Restrictions

Congratulations on purchasing one of our unique hand crafted costume jewellery designs. Now for some information on the materials we use, age/safety restrictions on our products and how to care for your product and prolong its life and beauty;


Remove your jewellery item before showering and/or bathing and before sleeping.

Do not spray perfumes/deodorants/body sprays etc directly onto your product, Apply perfumes etc first and allow them to dry on your skin before putting on your jewellery.

Do not allow the product to remain submerged in liquid and do not expose the item to any potentially corrosive chemicals.

Do not tug at or overstretch your jewellery item as this could cause damage to your product.


Our products are made up from an array of metals all of which will be disclosed on each items description, Here are just some of the materials we use in our designs;

Tibetan silver zinc alloy, stainless steel, gold and silver plated stainless steel and/or alloys, sterling silver and glass, gemstone, alloy, acrylic and plastic beads.

We always use hypo allergenic ear hooks and posts for our earrings. Hypo allergenic means that the product is made from metals (stainless steel, gold/silver plated stainless steel, sterling silver etc) that are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, however in a small number of cases a reaction may occur. in this case remove the item, clean/bathe the area and seek advice from a medical professional immediately.

Resin Products

For all products made from and containing resin please refrain from exposing the item to harsh chemicals, constant direct sunlight and extreme heat. Do not keep submerged in water for prolonged period of time. Remove rein jewellery pieces when swimming, bathing etc. Resin items can be gently polished with a soft cloth to clean. Over time resin may yellow if exposed to harsh chemicals, prolonged submergence in water, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and/or extreme heat. Resin is very long-lasting and hardwearing but can be scratched/worn down if improperly cared for. Refrain from wearing resin containing jewellery pieces when they will become exposed to any of the above or when extreme stress will be applied to the surface of the resin.

Product Restrictions

All of our jewellery items contain small and potentially sharp (earring hooks/posts) pieces that may pose a risk of choking and/or injury if mishandled or swallowed and therefore we do not recommend these products being given to or handled by children under 3 years old.

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