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How Jewels Of Asgard Was Born...

Hi, Im Samantha and I am the designer and creator of Jewels Of Asgard.
My passion for viking mythology and history was sparked when I visited Jorvik viking museum in York, England on a school trip when I was nine years old. I fell in love with the fantastical mythology and the lessons and spirituality behind it all and the intriguing history of the viking invaders and norse people of the time is just so fascinating to me. That amazing sense of adventure, the need to discover, settle in new places and acquire new lands and treasures shown by the viking travellers just sets off my sense off adventure. The hard working ethic of the norse people, tending their farms, working the land, building strongholds and caring for their own is so admirable to me. The methods of the vikings were brutal by todays standards but they instilled fear in any that opposed them and this lent to their untold strength. The way in which they completely changed the course of history in the Uk is fascinating and just furthers my thirst for knowledge on this subject. 
Now tie that love of Norse and viking history and mythology in with the craft-y kind of person that I am but kept locked away all these years, convincing myself I didn't have the time, maybe my work wasn't good enough and I should just stick to making for friends and family, I wouldn't make enough money back to cover materials, the market for jewellery is too saturated, blah blah blah, these were the excuses I kept making, that is until my mum passed away suddenly in 2018 at the young age of 56. She was a very crafty person, she lent all her spare time and put so much heart into her crafts, mainly needlework but she tried her hand at just about anything and this is where myself and my sister get our love of crafting from. After my Mum passed, I decided life was too short to keep making excuses and I kept it to myself, but I decided I was doing this, I was launching my own handmade business! 

I would tie my passion for viking and norse history and mythology in with my love of crafting jewellery and gifts. After spending a year doing online courses, watching tutorial after tutorial and practising my craft over and over, by late 2019 Jewels of Asgard was born in my mind. After deciding on the name and deciding the path I wanted to take I took a further 12 months to keep learning and practicing, determined to launch my craft only when it was up to the high standards I would purchase myself and finally, after nearly 3 years of research and practice we are here, I have launched my small handmade business, my brainchild, my baby that is

Jewels of Asgard. 

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