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Labradorite Owl Earrings, Nordic Owl Earrings, Women's Viking Earrings

Labradorite Owl Earrings, Nordic Owl Earrings, Women's Viking Earrings

Stunning Labradorite bead earrings featuring blue and gold flashes with double sided spikes featuring the owl totem on the front side and a starry night scene on the reverse. These would make a beautiful addition to any viking shieldmaiden jewellery collection.

It is believed that Owls had a role in Norse Mythology. It was said that owls were seen as a symbol of hope and good luck and that they held infinite wisdom, possessing an ability to perceive things others could not (thanks to their ability to navigate the dark).

While the Nordic owl also had a connection to the spirit world, and the afterlife, it was commonly seen as a “guide” to the underworld, helping people to navigate life after death.

Because owls were commonly associated with spirituality, they were also considered a valuable symbol of personal discovery and enlightenment.

It is also believed that Frigga, the primary goddess of wisdom, strategy, war, motherhood and queens is symbolised by the great horned owl. Frigga was married to Odin and is therefore “The All-Mother”.

These earrings are comprised of 8mm Labradorite beads with tibetan silver finishing caos to the rop and bottom of the bead with a tibetan silver spike featuring the image of an owl to the front side and a starry sky scene on the reverse side. They are hung on 925 stamped sterling silver ear wires.

These will be presented on a jewellery card in a sealed cellophane wrap inside a burlap gift pouch.

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